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FIIRO ISO certification will save Nigeria capital flight –Director General

The Federal Institute of Industrial Research Oshodi, (FIIRO), says the award of International Organization for Standardization ISO certification to the Federal Institute of Industrial Research, (FIIRO) has put Nigeria on the global map. The Director General/ Chief Executive Officer of the oldest and foremost research body in Nigeria. Prof. Gloria Elemo disclosed this DigiVation Network in her office in Lagos.

The obviously elated Director of the over 60 years old research institute in an exclusive interview said, with the ISO certification of FIIRO, has put Nigeria on the global community reckoning on the right way of doing things. Prof. Elemo said that the certification followed the successful conclusion of an inspection audit by independent auditors. “It’s credence to the competency of the Federal Institute of Industrial Research in the area of analysis. This certification is international and it means that any analysis coming out of the Federal Institute of Industrial Research in the area of scope that we have been accessed for cannot meet any resistance”. Having complied with global standards by its guidelines and standards.

Prof. Elemo who coincidentally is the first female Director General of FIIRO said, the certification was an affirmation that FIIRO is doing the right thing based on global best practices. “we are very proud of ourselves, we are very proud of our capability, we are very proud of what we can do and of our confidence. It’s not a case of ‘we can do it by words of the mouth only. There is a certificate of competence internationally. So here we have a certificate of accreditation because we have been accessed and we have all necessary requirements for international standards in the area of some analytical testing, in the scope of which we have here that is the food analysis and also drugs especially vitamins, water analysis and even in some non foods in the area of volatiles, self ignition and co., fixed carbon, these are areas where we have our accreditation and in any analysis we present in this core , it is not compromised , you can be sure your result is not compromised , it will be internationally accepted . So if you’re taking it out of this country and they see FIRO certification with our stamp and our authority, you’re cleared” Elemo added.

While stressing the economic effects and benefits of certification, a delightful Elemo expressed optimism that the gains will positively rub off on the Nigerian economy. “This definitely is going to improve the growth of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) because now they can be sure of the analysis and can save a lot of foreign exchange from trying to get whatever product that they have certified outside the country.

The process of getting certified is not easy and it takes a lot of effort, a lot of input in terms of equipment, financial commitment, devotion an education and been very careful in terms of clarity of purpose, in terms of specifications, in terms of vigilance in whatever you are doing . So now that we have it and it is for two years, it’s going to be renewed on every two year bases and we’re hoping to maintain that standard and we’re stretching it to almost every part of the Federal Institute of Industrial Research. Now we are very proud of our analytical testing in the area of ISOIEC170252005.

The Federal Institute of Industrial Research Oshodi (FIIRO) is the foremost Research Institute in Nigeria. The Production, Analytical and Laboratory Management (PALM) is one of the technical departments in the Institute.