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Where is Africa in a World of Emerging Technologies? – Exclusive with Moscow City’s Deputy CIO on the Race for AI & 5G, and More

    Making Sense of the Ongoing Tech Cold War   One of the most subtle but radical cold war in history is raging. In this battlefield, the rules are not firmly established, and so all sorts of things are possible. Nations are on a lightning race to dominate emerging technologies. From China, to Russia to the US, the story is the same. The Reason? Simple. Each side knows that whoever leads the way in technology will lead the world in every sphere of global socioeconomics, and politics. Little wonder why nations are strategizing and redoubling their efforts, expending prodigious resources, in order not...

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We have built a government cloud within the context of our data centres – Yusuf Kazaure DG Galaxy Backbone

What will you say Galaxy Backbone has achieved in the last two years? In the past two years, we have been able to consolidate the connectivity infrastructure. We have been upgrading the connectivity systems especially in Abuja and its environment. From legacy VSAT, initially when we first commenced as you may be aware in 2007. We commenced with a huge project that is to ensure that we had a minimum of VSAT connections to all MDAs across the country. Over time, the demand for bandwidth has risen exponentially. The use of VSAT technology cannot meet the demand of current applications...

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Pantami Reads Riot Act To Defaulting IT Companies

The DigiVation Network crew recently caught up with the Director General of National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) in an interview where issues surrounding the new view on NITDA mandate and how he intends to push forward. Question One: From the NITDA  mandate, NITDA plays a key in ensuring that Nigeria evolves a digital culture and develops a digital economy; Since you came into the saddle of leadership in the agency, to what extent would have you been able to achieve certain things in line with your mandate?   PANTAMI: I came with my own strategic plan, which we recently finished reviewing critically, and...

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