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Where is Africa in a World of Emerging Technologies? – Exclusive with Moscow City’s Deputy CIO on the Race for AI & 5G, and More

    Making Sense of the Ongoing Tech Cold War   One of the most subtle but radical cold war in history is raging. In this battlefield, the rules are not firmly established, and so all sorts of things are possible. Nations are on a lightning race to dominate emerging technologies. From China, to Russia to the US, the story is the same. The Reason? Simple. Each side knows that whoever leads the way in technology will lead the world in every sphere of global socioeconomics, and politics. Little wonder why nations are strategizing and redoubling their efforts, expending prodigious resources, in order not...

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The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR): Where is Nigeria?

Did you know that the world is going to see more technological change in the next 10 years than we have ever seen in the last 100? It will disrupt and change the business model of every industry in the world. Many jobs will be created, and many will be lost. Whole industries may cease to exist. Never in the history of humanity has such rapid transformative changes been seen.   It's a quiet disruption, that is changing the  global dynamics. Calculations show that it will dwarf past revolutions in terms of speed and the scale of the changes it will...

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