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Blockchain Women Conference Set to Give out 6 Million Naira in Digital Gold to Participants

Attendees To Learn the Trade in Gold, and  how to utilize the tools of the future for personal, financial and business gain at Blocktech Women Conference 2019

Wintergreen Research released a report sometime ago, that revealed that the global blockchain market will shoot up in value to $60 billion by 2024, with new opportunities for people all around the world.
The blockchain space is predicted to expand by 42.8% every year until 2022, according to a market research group Netscribes; and it is essentially driven by financial transactions and cross-border payments. Many global organizations are badly in need of blockchain developers, and are constantly on the hunt for talent on sites like LinkedIn.
Experts have also tipped blockchain to provide economic benefit for Africa. Reports also shows that blockchain is enabling new business models that will help in removing intermediate trust agents, opening up new and fresh opportunities.
Digivation spoke to Doris Ojuederie, Founder, Blockchain African Ladies. She says “Blockchain is a new frontier with unique opportunities for  Africa women . That’s why we putting together a conference to educate women about the Blockchain Technology. This conference will educate and train attendees on various aspects of the Blockchain Technology. And on top of that it is completely free of charge.”
US-based Blockchain company Veritaseum is partnering with Blockchain African Ladies to train participants on the use of Blockchain. The company says it is giving away (for free) up to 6 million Naira ($17,200 USD) worth of it’s 1 gram VeGold1 tokens to conference attendees and speakers.
Abisola Shonde of Veritaseum, she says her team will be on the ground to “teach Nigerians how to use the Veri Gold app through their smart phones, how to buy, sell, redeem (for physical Gold bars) and trade digital gold – and most importantly, how to use gram VeGold in day-to-day commerce to buy and sell.  But prospective attendees are invited to pre-approve their wallet addresses, via the Telegram Chathttps://t.me/joinchat/EytLU00P2FaVJTJ2sgApuQ
Ms Shonde added that “the conference is also open to males, and Small and medium-sized business men and women are invited to come learn a new way to accept payment for their wares via a truly universal store of value recognized by nearly every country in the world.”
Organisers of the Blocktech Women Conference also aim to review the 2,000 year history of gold as a store of value, with the aim of enabling Nigerians, and users of the naira, to benefit from using VeGold as a store of value.
This provides an opportunity for many to obtain a material amount of gold (whether digital or physical) and learn how to utilize the tools of the future today, for personal, financial and business gain. 
The world is still in the very early days of Blockchain use. But things are evolving fast. The key factors are education and opportunity.
The 2019 Blocktech Women Conference will hold on Friday 12th April, 2019 from 7am at the Sheraton Hotels, Ikeja, Lagos-Nigeria.